Homeowners do not usually know when they need air conditioner installation services in Port Moody. Most homeowners typically skip regular air conditioner checks. Life is busy, we understand. Unfortunately, forgoing regular maintenance and AC checks can mean that you are well passed the date in which your home needs a new air conditioner. It is only when an air conditioner fails that we call for professional help. No one wants to have to go through the process of air conditioner installation in Port Moody, BC in the heat of the summer, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

Each air conditioning system was developed by the manufacturer to last between 10-20 years. Some may last longer depending on how much preventative maintenance the system has undergone. Performance and cooling issues are usually the first signs that your home needs a new air conditioner installed. Long use puts a lot of wear and tear on a unit that will lead to breakdowns. After years of repairs, start looking into installing a new air conditioning unit to avoid AC failure when you need it most. Older air conditioning units are less energy efficient and truly should be updated with an HVAC system that has a high SEER score.

Port Moody, BC deals with pretty warm weather during the summer and the winter months. To combat days that the temperature skyrockets, contact Casa Dias Heating & Cooling. We can design and install an air conditioning unit that will work for your home. Casa Dias Heating & Cooling is a local heating and cooling company that offers the highest-quality HVAC units without the extravagant price tags! Call today!