Summer is upon us! Have you taken the time to maintain the air conditioning system of your home throughout the winter? Maybe it is time to install a new air conditioning unit. Whatever your needs, Casa Dias Heating & Cooling can help! We are a HVAC systems expert in Port Moody that is dedicated to the comfort of our customers!

Casa Dias Heating & Cooling has over 15 years of experience with installing, replacing, and maintaining HVAC systems in Port Moody! Our professional technicians service Port Moody and the surrounding areas of British Columbia. Our customers are always our first priority, so we offer top-notch HVAC services to fit any budget. From heater installation to air conditioner maintenance, we will help you live and work comfortably no matter the season.

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Every single HVAC job will be completed by highly skilled HVAC technicians that have been trained by top HVAC manufacturers! The time has never been better to install an energy efficient furnace, water heater, or air conditioning unit. You may even be a candidate for the government grant that runs until October 31st, 2015! Contact Casa Dias Heating & Cooling to see how we can help you live more comfortably and energy efficiently!